Myrna Maakaron was born in Lebanon in 1974.

She studied communications arts and filmmaking

at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts.

She started acting at the age of 15, on stage.

Since than, she participated to many plays and films.

In 2000, she left Lebanon to study Theatre at the Sorbonne in Paris.

She has been living in Germany since 2002.

Myrna Maakaron’s Filmography:

  • 1995 "Une rencontre"  short fiction (16mm-6min.)
  • 1997 "Conte D'adulte" short fiction (Beta-14 min.)
  • 1997 "Confusion" short experimental (Beta-10 min.)
  • 2001 "Kleiner Spatz" Video Clip (mini-dv-5min.)
  • 2002 "28" short  experimental (mini-dv-one minute)
  • 2003 "BerlinBeirut" subjective documentary (super8-23 minutes)
Acting / Roles:
  • 1993: Once upon time Beirut, a film by Jocelyne Saab
  • 1998: Civilisées, a film by Randa Chahal Sabbagh
  • 1999: Les milles et une nuits de Palestine, a film by Hadi Zakkak
  • 2001: La boîte magique, a film by Reda Behi
  • 2202: Le cerf Volant, Randa el Chahal Sabbagh
  • 2003: Gate to heaven, a film by Veit Helmer