Director´s Statement

 Why Berlin and Beirut?

Berlin and Beirut have many things in common: they were occupied, destructed, divided, reconstructed and today, people still say “East and West”.

When you walk in Berlin and in Beirut everything talks to you and seduces you. One of their common charms also, is Contrast: Berlin and Beirut are beautiful and ugly, strong and weak, proud and broken.

 I have lived all my life in Beirut. I was only one time in Berlin during the Berlinale 2003. The fact of being far away from home pushes me often to look for parts and faces of my Beirut. During this week, my eyes were going from one place to another trying to catch every little detail of the city. Something was touching my heart: Parts of Beirut were in Berlin. Many places, corners, buildings, walls looked similar in both cities. I felt the warmth of Beirut in Berlin. I felt the spirit of Beirut in Berlin. I was falling in love with Berlin.

 The main idea is to share with you the emotions I feel in both cities. Through the film many elements from Berlin brings me back to Beirut. You hear me talking. I tell stories and memories. I live different adventures and situations. I melt with the Berliners and Beirutis. I walk in a street in Berlin, turn around a corner and continue walking in Beirut. I get on a taxi in Beirut and later I step of it in Berlin. Berlin and Beirut become one city.